• Sandstone Bowl 16cm

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    All pieces are handmade individually thrown and trimmed on a pottery wheel. They are glazed with dipping method in our custom studio glaze and fired to 1240 degree Celsius. All pieces use high fire stonewares and safe to be used for eating, drinking and placed inside a cooking oven. Please hand-wash your handmade pottery but in some occasion you may also use dishwasher. The use of microwave is not advisable.

    Sandstone pieces are a combination of light and dark earthy tones and exposed raw ceramic surfaces.  Depending on the season of the year, our stoneware clay is varied in their maturing colours and resulting pieces that are often different from time to time. Early in the year, the colours are much darker with a lot of iron content compared to in later months. Sandstone pieces celebrated the changing time and seasons: the impermanence of life.

    Size :
    16x6.5cm (550-600ml)